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Price of eggs have increased... Still minhag to throw away all eggs that have something resembling a spot?

Had a thought while reading OU article about checking eggs for blood spots (this was the article by the way) The article cites Rav Feinstein zt"l for the minhag to check every egg and discard ...
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Chicken with two tracheas

What would the Halacha be in a case where one slaughtered a chicken and found 2 tracheas from the mouth to the lungs. If for example only Rov of one of these tracheas were cut would the chicken be ...
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Is chicken generally kosher?

Is chicken generally kosher at the average grocery store? I don’t eat beef much but enjoy chicken a lot and wonder if it’s generally kosher
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Chicken considered as kosher animal? [duplicate]

Why isn't chicken considered pareve? Fowl is not an animal that gives milk to its outsprings so why is chicken in the category of kosher animal?
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Halachic dispute over 'Geshtuppte Ganz' (Goose Liver) - Stuffed-goose dish

I was reading the Artscroll biography of the Tosher Rebbe and it writes on p.283 the following: He recalled how his grandfather the Saba Kadisha, had warned him against eating geshtuppte ganz, the ...
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Is there "Glat Kosher" (HALAK) kashrut classification for Chicken

I always knew that "Glat Kosher" Kashrut classification relates only to beef, it's when the cow is cooked and eaten within 24 hours of it being butchered. Recently I was told several times that there ...
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Eat a chicken food with milk is allowed? [duplicate]

I wonder if eating a chicken food in which its ingredients take milk or cheese is allowed. (For example: Eat a Chicken Stroganoff; Or a chicken stew with sour cream ...)
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Whatever happened to plumbas?

Not so many years ago, a plumba (apparently created by Rabbi Jacob Joseph) -- a metal tag attached to the wing of a kosher chicken indicating that it was, indeed, kosher -- on a kosher chicken was the ...
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Waiting six hours when chicken became meat

Poultry was once not considered fleishig. If someone had eaten chicken immediately before the rabbis decreed that poultry was fleishig, would he have had to wait his customary number of hours before ...
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Why did they stop packing the gizard, neck and liver inside the chicken cavity?

Why did they stop packing the gizard, neck and liver inside the chicken cavity? I think this practice stopped about 25 years ago. When I was a novice cook, I didn't know that I had to first take out ...
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Kosher shops selling turkeys

I have noticed a Kosher shop selling turkeys only at this time of the year (...late December). Without getting into a discussion about the Kashrut status of turkeys, is this considered in the spirit ...
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The Sciatic Nerve and Fat of Kosher Fowl

I have learned that the sciatic nerve must be removed from land animals to render the meat kosher. But what about fowl? Does the sciatic nerve need to be removed from chicken or turkey? Why or why not?...
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If we don't cook a calf in its mothers' milk, why can we use eggs with chicken?

The Torah says that one should not cook a calf in its mothers' milk. This is the basis for the prohibition of eating milk and meat together. If this is the case, why is it not also illegal to cook a ...
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Was chicken originally considered pareve? If so, when and why was this changed?

I heard that chicken was originally considered pareve in the Bible, because it is a type of fowl (i.e. like fish it is pareve, as it is not 'meat'), and that only later was it changed to be meat ...
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Is a chicken egg considered "Aver min Hachai"?

The question of Chicken eggs and why they are Pareve and not Meat has already been addressed. My question is why are they not considered "part of a live animal" and therefore prohibited to eat to Jews ...
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Is there a custom not to eat roasted chicken at the Seder?

Does the custom to refrain from eating roasted meat at the Seder extend to chicken, turkey, and any other fowl one might serve roasted?
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In what way is kosher chicken different from brined chicken?

Over on Seasoned Advice, there have been a number of questions related to the nature of kosher meat and the amount of salt absorbed by the meat. Most recently, In what way is kosher chicken different ...
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Milk After Fowl

If eating milk and chicken is only a rabbinical prohibition, why don't we find that we are more lenient with regards to it. For example, why don't we wait less time between eating chicken and milk? [...
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