I understand that To prepare a liver to eat (not raw (maybe raw ok just to wash?)) and unsalted meat (without salting for 18min) We need to roust for the fire to remove its blood

I understand that roasting originally was Directly over the fire

How is it done now?

What are the halichik opinions

if roasting over electrically produced heat?

if the fire is not directly under the meat?

If there is a peace of metal between the fire and the meat (as is made in gas grills to protect the fire from the seeping juices)?

Is their a certain distance (or a certain temperature?) it needs to be from the fire? (Or it can be made into jerky under small temperatures)


Excerpt from Star K

The Fire

It is preferable to broil the liver on a fire source that is directly below the liver. If that is not feasible, one may broil liver from a heat source above the liver. Hence, it would be permissible to broil liver in a broiler or in an electric oven, if that is the only broiling source available. If the oven or broiler is used for kosher food as well, care should be taken to assure the blood does not splatter onto the oven or broiler cavity. Splatter blood will make the oven or broiler walls treif. A practical solution is to place a pan under the rack or grate to catch the dripping blood and juices. The pan will become treif. The rack or grate should not be used for anything except kashering liver, unless proper kosherization procedures are employed to kasher the grates, racks, and/or utensils. …

It is customary to turn the liver or the liver slices during the broiling process from time to time to facilitate a more even and uniform broiling. It is also customary to broil liver until the outer juices have ceased flowing, and the liver is dry on the outside. The liver need not be burnt.

  • Just use aluminum foil or similar underneath, the blood will go into that making it treif but you can just throw it away – CashCow Jan 8 '15 at 15:52

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