I see that some names have the word "Rav" in the name, names like Rav Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern and Rav Berg.

I don't know much about Judaism. I want to know what is the meaning of "Rav".

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In this sort of context, it is a title roughly analogous to the term "Rabbi." Here is how Wiktionary defines "Rabbi":

rabbi (plural rabbis)

  1. A Jewish scholar or teacher of halacha (Jewish law), capable of making halachic decisions.
  2. A Jew who is or is qualified to be the leader of a Jewish congregation.

You can find this word in many other dictionaries as well. Here is Wikipedia's article of that title.

(Here and here are the Spanish versions of the above on Wiktionary and Wikipedia respectively.)

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    In several places in the Mishnah (Oral Law), the term "rav" is used to mean "teacher". As stated in #1, often one of the duties of a rabbi is to teach - either in a yeshiva (school) or he gives lectures in his congregation and / or beyond. He also teaches and advises individual congregants.
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