I know that people have the custom (I don't know how universal it is), to keep a lot of the restrictions of the nine days until Chatzos on Yud Av, such as not eating meat or doing laundry.

This year Tishah B'Av falls out on Shaboss, which causes the fast to be postponed to Sunday (which is Yud). My question is do the above mentioned customs apply this year on Yud-Aleph or not at all?


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The Rama rules in OC 558 that the prohibitions on wine and meat remain in force for only the night of 11 Av. The Mishna Berura (sk 4) notes that this is meant to be specific, and the other prohibitions do not apply immediately following the fast.

  • I recall reading (can't remember where) that, lichvod the day, we also don't do laundry right after the fast. This site chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/946845/jewish/… mentions "all the restrictions", but gives no source
    – rosends
    Jul 22, 2012 at 3:30
  • @Dan It is very possible that other customs exist, but that doesn't seem to be the psak of the Mishna Berura
    – Double AA
    Jul 22, 2012 at 3:39

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