The Binding of Isaac (Gen. 22) is a fascinating story, for a multitude of reasons.

One thing that appeals to me, as a shochet (slaughterer), is that it has in it (as far as I could tell) the earliest instance of the word "שחט" in the Torah (22:10).

I was wondering if the telling of the Akeidah contains within it anything for us practitioners of shechita, about the halachos of shechita.


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I don't know if this is the only time that we learn halacha for shechita from the Binding of Isaac, but according to the Simlah Chadasha (6:5), we learn that the shechita knife must be unattached from the ground in order to be eligible to use for shechita, from the Akeidah.

His source (ultimately), is the gemara, Chulin 16a:

יתיב רב אחוריה דרבי חייא ורבי חייא קמיה דרבי ויתיב רבי וקאמר מנין לשחיטה שהוא בתלוש שנאמר {בראשית כב-י} ויקח את המאכלת לשחוט

Rav was once sitting behind Rabbi Chiya, while Rabbi Chiya was sitting in front of Rebbi, and he (Rebbi) was saying "How do we know that shechita must be performed with something that is unattached (from the ground)? As the verse states (Bereishit 22:10): "And he took the knife in his hand, to shecht."

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