While reading this week's Torah and Haftarah portions Pinchas (פִּינְחָס‎) & Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah), I began to wonder if Yirimiyahu HaNabi was of the line of Pinchas HaKohen. Outside of both being Levites and descendants of Aaron HaKohen, was Yirimiyahu HaNabi a direct descendant of Pinchas HaKohen?....I did come across this piece of information suggesting that Yirimiyahu HaNabi could possibly be of the line of Ithamar and not of El'azar HaKohen (Here). As always personal insights, commentaries, articles, and resources are welcomed and very much so appreciated. Todah Rabbah.

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Radak Yirmiyahu 1:1 says that Yirmiyahu's father was Chilkiyahu ben Shalom - חלקיהו בן שלום. Chilkiyahu ben Shalom ben Tzadok came from the Bnei Tzadok that are Meyuchas to Pinchas. see page 8.

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