The Shema is a mitzvah d'oraita. So how is it that we can go by the later time of the Gra for sof zman kriat shema rather than the earlier time of the Magen Avraham?

It seems to me that this is a real Safek on a d'oraita which should be l'chumra, and no one should go by the zman of the Gra.

Can anyone explain why people are lenient?

  • Halachipedia, "Even though the primary time for the latest time of Shema is the third hour of the day according to the Gra, one should be strict for Magen Avraham to say before the third hour according to his calculation." So the question is why is the Gra's time primary? – Avrohom Yitzchok Aug 7 at 8:49
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    Are you choshesh for every shittah in every deoraita? How many pairs of tefillin do you wear? – Joel K Aug 7 at 9:38
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    Also, if you don’t wait for Rabbeinu Tam to take out shabbat (also a deoraita) it makes little sense conceptually to worry about MA times – Joel K Aug 7 at 9:40
  • How are people lenient to follow R' Yehoshua who allows Shema after sunrise? – Double AA Aug 7 at 13:18
  • R. Moshe says the Gra is a basra to the Magen Avraham, plus the Baal Hatanya holds like the Gra, making it a rov – wfb Sep 14 at 1:13

The later Rabbis decided the Halacha in favor of the Gra, so it is not a safek. Machloksim are only a safek if they are left unresolved.

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    If you provide sources you are more likely to get scored – Dov Aug 13 at 8:13

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