What about those that want to get from the level of Rasha to Beinoni, is there a book for that?

It is called Sefer shel Beinini and the few things I've read in it seem to be instructions directed for and addressed to the Beinini.


No, the Tanya is meant for the average person who is not a tzadik and who has the potential to be a bononi. The reason that the Tanya and the first part of Tanya are referred to as "sefer Shel benonim" (the book of the in between each) is to help each of us attain the rank of being a benonim as the parable in the talmudic quoted in Tanya as being the longer shorter route to acheiving this goal.

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    Including evidence for your claims into your answer post would improve the latter. – msh210 Feb 15 at 6:49
  • Can you clarify the part with the parable? – larry909 Feb 17 at 16:28
  • Yes. I've been meaning to. Just been busy with work will update with sources soon – Dude Mar 4 at 14:44

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