I'm reading an introductory book on kabalistic topics, "Amud Haavoda" from Rabbi Boruch Kosover. At the end of the first part, question--answer, when the author says an original and deep chiddush, he writes

ואל יראנו נפלאות מתורתו בנל"כ ולאע"י


ודי למבין בנל"כ ולאע"י

or simply

בנל"כ ולאע"י

Can someone decode the rashei tevot?


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It's a bracha derivated from Yeshayahu 40:29

‏[‏בָּרוּך] נֹתֵ֥ן לַיָּעֵ֖ף כֹּ֑חַ וּלְאֵ֥ין אוֹנִ֖ים עׇצְמָ֥ה יַרְבֶּֽה׃

[Blessed be the one who] gives to the weak strength, and to the one with no might, should have his might increased.

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