Is there an online (or downloadable) version of an Ashkenazic davening -- not chazzanut, just someone saying all the words to a weekday davening clearly and at a reasonable pace so someone davening can follow along?

The recording referenced in this question is not very clear, is more than a bit fast and I can't hear if the nusach is plain old Ashkenazic (Artscroll) or not.

I know that any generic version would have to be tweaked for variable specifics like the shir shel yom, or the inclusion (or exclusion) of mashiv haru'ach etc.


I own a CD from Chadish Media, "How to Pray the Complete Weekday Shacharit" but I can't find where you can get it online and their website seems very old; but if you can get your hands on it that would be the best option. You could try emailing them or calling the number on the bottom of the page; I can't verify if those work though because I've never ordered through them.

(The disc follows Nusach Ashkenaz.)

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