I have a copy of Sefer Hasidim at home - it's a beautiful text, but my edition is terrible. The chapter/paragraph numbers don't correspond to those that are commonly in use, meaning that I cannot use it to look up a reference. It's also a "bare bones" edition, which is fine, but it would be nice to see some commentary - specifically something that notes parallels with other examples of rabbinic literature.

Can somebody recommend a nice version of Sefer Hasidim that satisfies these two requirements? (Something online would be phenomenal, but not necessarily possible.)

Note: I am referring to the Sefer Hasidim that was likely authored in 13th/14th century Ashkenaz but an unknown author, usually associated with the school of R' Yehuda the Hasid (possibly by R' Yehuda himself).


It was not clear whether you wanted the sefer to be English/Hebrew or Hebrew only, but here is a two volume set of Sefer Chasidim in all Hebrew, with commentaries by various authors. It also includes a biography on R' Yehudah HaChasid, and some miracle stories involving him.

Sefer Chasidim - Two Volume - Yehudah HaChasid - Nehora.com

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