I have a copy of Sefer Hasidim at home - it's a beautiful text, but my edition is terrible. The chapter/paragraph numbers don't correspond to those that are commonly in use, meaning that I cannot use it to look up a reference. It's also a "bare bones" edition, which is fine, but it would be nice to see some commentary - specifically something that notes parallels with other examples of rabbinic literature.

Can somebody recommend a nice version of Sefer Hasidim that satisfies these two requirements? (Something online would be phenomenal, but not necessarily possible.)

Note: I am referring to the Sefer Hasidim that was likely authored in 13th/14th century Ashkenaz but an unknown author, usually associated with the school of R' Yehuda the Hasid (possibly by R' Yehuda himself).


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It was not clear whether you wanted the sefer to be English/Hebrew or Hebrew only, but here is a two volume set of Sefer Chasidim in all Hebrew, with commentaries by various authors. It also includes a biography on R' Yehudah HaChasid, and some miracle stories involving him.

Sefer Chasidim - Two Volume - Yehudah HaChasid - Nehora.com

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