Is a "Golem" the same thing as a person created through Sefer Yetzirah? Please be clear with your answer.


Creating people through the use of Sefer Yetzira is mentioned in Gemora Sanhedrin 65b and Rashi there. It seems that common usage of the word "golem" refers to such a practice. In Rabbi Chaim Volozhin's introduction to "Sefer Dezniyusa" of the Gaon of Vilna he relates that the Gr"a told him that he had a very precise version of Sefer Yetzira to which R' Chaim noted that if so it would not be difficult to create a golem. The Gr"a responded that he had in fact attempted to do so (when he was not yet even thirteen years old) but received a heavenly sign to stop. This is one source that uses the word "golem" to refer to someone created by Sefer Yetzirah.


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