Parasitic plants do not grow in the ground, instead they grow on other plants. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasitic_plant

List of examples: http://www.parasiticplants.siu.edu/ParasiteFood.html

So would it be like a mushroom which does not grow from the ground? Or would it be like a plant because A: It uses photosynthesis, and B: It grows on a living plant, which in turn grows on the ground?

Not all parasitic plants use photosynthesis, but they do grow on a plant that uses it, does that change the answer?

Also, what bracha is the plant itself, not just the fruit?


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Looks like Eruvin 28b talks about this very topic!

From what I could see the proper bracha is Ha'adama since if the source plant (which does grow from the ground) is cut the parasitic plant dies too.

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