According to Halacha, is it permitted for a minor to light one of the wicks of the Havdalah candles, as long as an adult lights the other one and conjoins the flames? Or no, must someone who is obligated in Havdalah light both wicks?


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For havdala any source of fire can be used, even one that's already existing, so it doesn't really matter who lights it, as long as it wasn't done on shabbat in a way that a jew would not be allowed to do it.

See shulchan Aruch 298/5

אין מברכין על הנר שלא שבת ממלאכת עבירה לאפוקי אור שהודלק לחיה ולחולה שכיון שלא הודלק לעבירה מברכין עליו אבל אם הדליקו עכו"ם בשבת כיון שאם היה מדליקו ישראל היה עובר לא שבת ממלאכת עבירה מיקרי ואין מברכין על אור של ע"א (טור): 5. This blessing should not be recited over a flame that did not rest on Shabbos from work associated with a transgression. A light that was lit for a woman after childbirth or someone who is ill, such that the light was not associated with a transgression, one may recite the blessing over it. Even if a non-Jew kindled [a flame] for his own sake, since kindling the flame would have involved a transgression were it to have be kindled by a Jew, [the act] is considered an activity involving a transgression. And we do not make a blessing over light used in idolatry (Tur).

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