I thought one may not wash Netilat Yadayim (for bread) with water that was touched (e.g. I accidently stuck my finger in the cup before washing). In fact, it may be used according to halacha. This leads me to ask, is this a common misconception, or purely my own mistake.

If this is a common belief, where does this arise from?

Is there any opinion which holds that such water is indeed invalid for Netila?


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The Rema in OC 160:11 says it's not an issue, and most opinions seem to follow that. But the Kaf Hachaim brings from the Imrei Esh that there is room for stringency:

וכתב בשם חמיו הגאון מהר"ד דייטש שהיה מקפיד מאד שלא יגע שום אדם בידו במים שהוכן לפניו לנט"י וכמה פעמים שפך המים אם חשש שנגע בהם יד

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