I learned that Birkei Yosef holds that non-mikvah water may be considered a chatzitzah. That is why we make sure our hands are completely dry before we wash them ritually. It may be why some are stringent to hold the handle of the cup with a towel. It may be why we wash a third time (instead of twice) i.e., before bread. It may also be why (just speculating) we are told to dip our hand in the mikvah water before holding a kli to toivel.

But a woman (and possibly also a man) can/always does immerse with wet hair. Why?

(I know she toivels more than once, so presumably one of the tevilot is kosher. But it seems she makes a bracha before even the first? Wouldn't that be a hefsek if the first dip is not a mitzvah immresion? Wouldn't it be ideal for her to dry her hair first [or else make the bracha after immersing]? Does anyone insist on this? )

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    water that comes in contact with a mikvah becomes part of the mikvah. by hand-washing it does not come into contact with a mikva. the wetting hand for kelim is the opposite: since it becomes part of the mikva there is no chatzisih via your hand if your hand is wet, as the water on your hand is touching the keli there.
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    for hand washing, the water that was on the hands before washing and cantransmit uncleanness to the water coming from the keli. In Mikveh, water are not unclean. note that in my explanation you don't see problem of chatsitsa.
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  • @kouty Nevertheless washing with a reviis is enough to remove uncleanness coming from the keli or wet hands! Commented Jul 20, 2017 at 13:07
  • @Avrohom Yitschok the uncleanness comes from the hands. the hands are sheniot. The water drops on the hands can make the coming water unclean (old remembering, not verifyied now)
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    "But she makes a bracha before even the first?" Are you asking when one makes the berakha? Before the first [and only] tevilla according to most Rishonim. After the first [and only] tevilla according to a minority of Rishonim.
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Use a reviit on your hands and don't worry about wet hands or drops of water!

Mikveh is unrelated and has no issues like this, go in fully wet after your shower with no problems!

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