Is there a program available online that can detect statistically significant higher incidence of a specific root (שרש), and/or of a specific sequence of letters, in a specific portion of Tanach. For example, one might input the root שוב, or, alternatively, the sequence of letters שב, to determine if their incidence in Parshath Miketz is abnormally high.

(Related question: Where is there a good online source to check how often a word appears in Tanach? though I'm looking for something that would provide, as well, some statistical information - if only to show that a higher incidence in a specific portion is somewhat anomalous.)

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The closest thing I have seen to what you are describing is Alhatorah's concordance graph. It graphs frequency of roots across different books in Tanach (although not parashiot, as far as I can tell). Also, their concordance is the best one that I am aware of online - try it out with different roots, forms, and play around with the settings to learn more.

Sample: https://mg.alhatorah.org/Graph/7725

  • Dicta also offers a very nice search function that does the same thing (example here), although I don't think they display the results graphically.
    – Fred
    Commented Dec 25, 2020 at 21:05

Accordance, which is available for purchase online (there's also a free version that gives you some text access, but I don't recall how much), allows these kinds of searches. For example, in the picture below, I looked for all verbs in Miketz and sorted them by hits by root (you can see the frequency in percentage, or make a pie chart, ...). You can then see from the list which roots appear much more often than others. You can also search for a select set of roots and compare their frequencies, and you can also see more involved analytics.

Accordance program screen capture. Left: Miketz with the verbs highlighted. Right: a frequency count of verbs by root.

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