Normally I use rings made out of lulavim to tie around the Lulav on Sukkos. Would rings made out of velcro be fine for this purpose?

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Yes. While R'Yehuda holds "lulav tzorech egged" (they need to be tied), and therefore one must use part of the 4 minim to tie it, the halacha is not like R'Yehuda. Thus you can use anything to tie the 4 minim, or nothing at all. In fact, the Gemara says the anshei Yerushalayim would use gold to tie their lulavim.

Even though its not required, we have a minhag anyways to tie it to make it look nicer, and that may be the reason we used dried lulav to do that also. Though I would think gold and perhaps velcro are nice enough also.


  • personally, I like to use a piece of the current lulav to tie it together. (Creating belts from stips of the lulav instead of that Y shaped holder) I only learned about it this year, but apparently its a common Morrocan custom.
    – avi
    Nov 6, 2011 at 14:30
  • @avi Same in Chabad. We don't use the keshelach (those y shaped things, or even the single ones [the y shaped type is made out of two singles]), rather, we tie it. Most people make rings (probably what you mean by belts). We put two on the actual lulov, and three around the three minim
    – user613
    Oct 19, 2016 at 22:10

In the Shulchan Aruch HaRav 651:3 he writes that you may do so. And in :4 he writes that it is permitted to even hold that other material when holding the lulav.

However in :5 he cautions that if the extra material is not being used to actually bind the lulav it can be considered a chatzitah. I think this is the reason that it is avoided - just in case it comes loose, or the extra thread after the knot.


Machloket Rabbi Meir an Rabbi Yehuda in 3rd chapter mishna 8: we pasken as Rabbi Meir who allows outside of 4 minim. The reason is that tying is not an obligation for RM so tying material is not a part of the mitsva and tying with a fift species is not bal tosif, a prohibited addition.

Summary: Good 100%. Lechaora no matter to hiddur.

The mitsva to make a knot for RM is itself mishum Hiddur, ze keli veanvehu. See SA OC 651, 1

ומצוה לאגדם בקשר גמור, דהיינו ב' קשרים זה על זה, משום נוי; ויכול לאגדם במין אחר. ‏

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