I've read several biographies where the author will say that "this person was an expert in the seven wisdoms". Well, I'd like to know if any of y'all can help me out by explaining to me what are these seven wisdoms? Thank you.

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    Can you please explain the relevance to Judaism? – Dr. Shmuel Feb 10 at 5:13
  • I'm pretty sure I've seen this question here before. – Alex Feb 10 at 5:16
  • Sure. While I was reading biographies on Rabbi Nachman Of Breslov, and coming across other gedolim in various books, they mentioned this concept of 7 wisdoms one can be an expert in. So I'd like to know what are these 7 wisdoms... @Dr.Shmuel – Moshe Feb 10 at 5:21
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    This was the answer I was looking for, which had everything to do with Judaism and Judiasm only. 1) Tevunah, the ability to understand and draw conclusions. 2) The knowledge of nature - in subjects like chemistry and physics. 3) The knowledge of the soul – or as Rav Aharon puts it, the study of psychology. 4) The knowledge of biology 5) Music 6) Metaphysics… (philosophy) and 7) The knowledge of Torah …. which is the most significant branch. And all that can be found here - haemtza.blogspot.com/2013/05/… Thanks – Moshe Feb 10 at 8:26