Some of the akeidah selichos, particularly for days 4 and 5 of teshuvah (Artscroll Minhag Lita), contain references to the mitzvah of bikkurim. Are there any other sources that draw this comparison and flesh it out a bit more?

I would guess that the basis of the comparison is that bikkurim are called a korban and brought to (but not on) the mizbeyach, but then they go to the Kohanim and become their property, like terumah with some of the restrictions of maaser sheni. Similarly, Yitzchak was brought to the mizbeach but not offered on it and went on to live a mostly normal life, with some restrictions.

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    Yitzchak was also treated as the bekhor. – Loewian Sep 17 '18 at 14:33

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