Suppose someone is going to be staying somewhere for Pesach (say a hotel), but he will be going there during the day on the 14th of Nisan. When and where should he do bedikat chametz? Presumably, he should do a bedika in his hotel room when he gets there, but the mitzvah is normally done on the night of the 14th when he will still be in his non-Pesach locale. How should he do his bedika? Should he do it (with or without a bracha) on the night of the 14th in the place where he will not be spending Pesach? Should he do it (with or without a bracha) in the hotel where he will be spending Pesach during the day on the 14th?

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Hilchos Pesach: Going Away, Bedikah at Hotel quoted Rabbi Blumenkrantz in 2010 (which is why the specific date was mentioned). Note that the Shulchan Aruch (Siman 436) and Chayei Adam explain that if one is taking a trip and will be away for Pesach, one should do bedikah at home without a bracha before leaving (within 30 days of Pesach).

If one will not be at home for Pesach (and will not be able to make a Bedikas Chometz on Sunday night (28 March) one should preferably ask their Rov to sell their Chometz and rent their home/apartment to the non-jew on Sunday during the day. {There are however lenient opinions that do not require this early transfer}. Laws of Pesach, R’ A. Blumenkrantz

If one will be staying in a hotel for Pesach; if one arrives before Sunday night (28 March) or anytime during the night, one should search the room with a beracha. If one arrives Monday morning, one should search the room without a beracha. Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Brurah 437:1,2, Laws of Pesach R’ A. Blumenkrantz

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