In parashat Miketz who were the sons of Binyamin named after?

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    Did you see Rashi?
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Rashi on Bereshit 43:30 answers your question. The 10 sons of Binyamin were named after Yosef, each of them reminded Binyamin of a different aspect of Yosef life. When Yosef heard that, his emotions overpowered him and he left the room to weep.

See Rashi

And what are their names?” Benjamin replied, “Bela, Becher etc.” (cf. 46:21).

Joseph then enquired, “What are the ideas underlying these names?”

the troubles that have befallen him. I called them

  • Bela (בלע) because he disappeared (נבלע) amongst alien nations;
  • Becher (בכר) because he was the firstborn (בכור) of his mother;
  • Ashbel (אשבאל) because God sent him into captivity (שבאו אל),
  • Gera (גרא) because he had to live (גר) in a foreign country;
  • Naaman (נעמן) because he was exceedingly pleasant (נעים);
  • Ahi (אחי) and Rosh (ראש) because he was my brother (אח) and my superior (ראש);
  • Muppim (מופים) because he learned from the mouth (מפי) of my father;
  • Huppim (חופים) because he did not witness my marriage (חופה —marriage canopy) and I did not witness his marriage; and
  • Ard (ארד) because he went down (ירד) amongst the nations” —

just as it related in Treatise Sotah 36b. When he heard all this immediately his affection was enkindled.

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