In Michah 7:15 it says "Like the days you went out of Egypt I'll show him wonders", why does the verse start off in the second person with "... The days you went out" and finish in the third person (either singular or plural) "I'll show him {or them} wonders", why didn't it say "I'll show you wonders"?

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The Ibn Ezra sees the two groups to be different: כימי צאתך - והטעם: כימי צאת אבותיך מארץ מצרים

"like the days of your fathers' leaving Egypt"


"הטעם עמי, כאשר הזכיר עמך."

Speaking of the nation as a singular (as it is introduced in the previous verse, "רְעֵ֧ה עַמְּךָ֣").

The Malbim actually sees the second half as a statement of the future redemption of a collective (singular) nation "אראנו נפלאות לעתיד לבוא".

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