Is there available online a summary table, or better yet, a decision tree, that presents the conditional logic of the somewhat complicated laws of hesech hada'ath/shinui makom (diverted attention, e.g. by changing one's place), when one is required to make a new blessing over a food item or meal because the original blessing no longer applies?

For example, it should cover the consensus rulings regarding going outdoors vs. to a different room, for a bread meal, mezonos (non-bread grain), other foods, with and without leaving people behind. Ideally, it would include disputing views of major authorities, as well as other types of hesech hada'ath / hefsek (interruption) that would also require a new blessing.

  • The Avnei Yashfei has many such tables ,not sure if he did for change of location – sam Nov 5 '19 at 15:06

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