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Bava Metzia 34a
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Well to quote Artscroll Hakadosh: "מי יימר דמגנבא-who is to say that [the deposit] will be stolen" "ואם תימצי לומר דמגנבא-and even if you can say who is to say with certainty that it ...

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"Evading" small taxes
1 votes

Even if it won't be much enforced, you shouldn't do it - it is a Chilul Hashem if they find you especially with today's media. Also I heard before but I don't remember where that a Jew can't steal (...

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Why was Aharon not liable for issuing a ruling around his teacher?
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I cannot comment as I do not as of yet have enough points to do so. I'm just throwing out there that we learn out from a place that places Aharon's name before Moshe's that they were both equals. ...

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Is Listening to a Torah Tape considered Talmud Torah?
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I don't know wether or not you fulfill your obligation of Talmud Torah but rest assure that in Shemayim you will get great rewards for doing the 'mitzvah' of learning. It may not be an actual mitzvah,...

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