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Are there any Jewish people alive today who can identify themselves as coming from a particular tribe?
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The Falasha, ethiopian Jews claim that they are descendants of Dan, ( There is a Midrash Aggadah on Bamidbar 26:40, that says that Chusim, Dan's ...

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Why didn't Yosef's brothers recognize him?
2 votes

Yonatan ben Uziel says in gen 42:8 that he recognized them because they had beards at the time they sold him, but they did not recognize him because he did not have a beard at the time of the sale, ...

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If a King can't forgive, how did they ask Yosef, King of Egypt, for forgiveness?
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While David does not take action against Shimi ben Gera, who cursed him in his flight from Avshalom, during his reign, he does tell Shlomo to 'take care' of Shimi ben Gera, toward the end of his life. ...

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Why is moses considered to be the greatest man that ever lived?
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In the rambam's 13 principles of faith, the 7th principle lists Moses as the 'father' of prophets, whether they came before or after him. My understanding is that Moses was unique in his level of ...

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