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How should one dispose of cut finger nails? Is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to walk on them?
9 votes

The Mishna Beroura (260, 6) quotes Gemara Nidda (17a) disapproving someone who would throw nails on the highway after cutting them. Indeed, a pregnant woman could step on them and lose her child. ...

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Kissing Tzitzis during Shema
8 votes

I have not the exact halachic sources but read that some poskim considered those kissings during the shema as hefsek, for example : The Vilna Gaon, Chazon Ish, The Steipler, Rav Moshe Feinstein (read ...

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Wear your tzitzis out or in?
7 votes

An interesting thread about the subject can be found here : Why do some people wear their tzitzis out for people to see, and others don't?

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What kind of kippah is this?
6 votes

Seems to be the common lithuanian kippah

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How do you extend the sound of a daleth in Shema?
4 votes

Here what I learn from a Rav on the same question : It is written that we should extend the dalet of the word e'had so we not confuse it with a reish (that would give a'her and not e'had). Strange ...

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Standard Orthodox Siddur in France
1 votes

(I'm french) the siddur used by west european ashkenazi communities here in France is called Sha'arei Tefila. It is similar to the Rodelheim one with french annotations and few asaltian customs. It ...

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Boruch Shem Kevod Malchuso L'Olam Voed - why do we whisper it?
1 votes

When reciting Krias Shema without a Minyan, Rav Chaim Solveitzik Zatzal of Brisk used to say "Baruch Shem" out loud, as he was of the opinion that the problem of saying it out loud was only when it is ...

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