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Did the Egyptians store food for the famine?
9 votes

Rashi on verse מקץ מ"א נ"ה) ותרעב כל ארץ מצרים) says (based on Midrash Tanchuma) that the Egyptians did store food, but their food all rotted, and only Yosef's food remained. The Egyptians were ...

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End of Prophecy
4 votes

During the time of the Second Temple, the Sages of the Great Assembly saw that the people's ability to resist the temptation for idol worship was weakening, and realized that if the pattern continued, ...

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Why are trace amounts of chametz in milk or eggs bittul before Pesach, but not in spices or quinoa?
3 votes

Plain milk contains added vitamins which pose a slight risk of chametz. Therefore, it is recommended to buy milk certified for passover, or if this is not possible, you can buy it before Pesach so the ...

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Should Jews have ayin tova toward gentiles
2 votes

The commandment to judge favorably comes from the verse "בְּצֶ֖דֶק תִּשְׁפֹּ֥ט עֲמִיתֶֽךָ". Sefer Hachinuch and others say that this refers to the necessity to judge "your fellow" ...

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How can cheese which be both kosher for Pesach and use “unsupervised milk” (cholov akum)?
2 votes

In order to be kosher for Passover, a product must be prepared with ingredients that are kosher for Passover, on equipment that is kosher for Passover. A cheese that is kosher for Passover will have ...

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Why did Pharaoh let the Jews out if he thought they were leaving for 3 days in order to serve hashem when they were alreadys serving hashem there?
1 votes

The question is really, why didn't Pharaoh let the Jews out earlier? Any semi-rational person would have realized that, for whatever reason, the Jews' God wants them to leave the country for a while ...

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