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what percentage of Reform Jews are halachically Jewish?
10 votes

Non-halachic Reform Jews are those whose mother was not Jewish, yet they consider themselves Jewish because of either a heterodox conversion or patrilineal descent. We can mostly figure out the ...

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Sefaria and Rabbinic Endorsements
10 votes

Emeritus Chief Rabbi Jonathan H. Sacks, "In Praise of Sefaria": "Sefaria is one of my favorite things in the entire contemporary Jewish world. It is taking cutting-edge technology and doing ...

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Statistics regarding how many people convert yearly
6 votes

In the US, about 1.5% of self-identified Orthodox Jewish adults say they had a formal conversion, according to data from Pew's 2013 survey of American Jews. This amounts to about ~7000 people. (...

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Is Soylent kosher certified?
Accepted answer
3 votes

As of 2021, all products in Soylent's "Ready To Drink" product line are certified kosher by the OU: source on the OU website. (This does not include their "Complete Energy" energy ...

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