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Experience-based advice for focusing and slowing down prayers?
18 votes

My rabbi told me a very nice suggestion which seems to help me every time I practice it and it's very simple: Follow along with your finger. If you have your finger below every word that you say, it ...

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ALL Names of God
9 votes

In one of the Ba'al HaTurim's comments (available with English translation and commentary by Artscroll), he lists all of the names of Hashem. As Alex writes in the comment, it is in the short ...

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Biblical evidence for not eating bread on passover?
2 votes

It's in the book of Shemos (Exodus), 12:18-19

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How does an engaged person find a chosson/kallah (pre-marriage) class teacher?
2 votes

I lived in CT when I was engaged and there are apparently not very many Chosson teachers in CT. There was one rabbi who I asked to be my Chossen teacher and he told me that he would not do it and not ...

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The curse of cannibalism
1 votes

(I'm adding a possible answer to my own question...) I have googled and found this logical statement in regard to animals eating their young: "If there are too many animals in a limited area, the ...

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Lottery on Shabbos
0 votes

My rabbi would often buy a lottery ticket on friday for the "friday night" drawing with the hopes of finding out that he won some time after Shabbos.

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