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Hashem's apparent inconsistency with Bilam
2 votes

The Malbim says something really fascinating. If you look closely at the text, Gd says you can go with them and uses the word אתכם. However, בלעם goes עמכם. He explains the difference as אתכם means I ...

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When does Shabbat officially start?
2 votes

Shabbat starts at a split second notice that only Gd knows. The period this transition takes place we call this questionable period bein hashmashot - between the guards. During this period it is ...

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Davening Weekday davening on Shabbos
Accepted answer
1 votes

When the person is chayav to daven a second amida because he forgot Shabbos - in his repeat, he should really recite the entire thing with both shabbos and weekday, and the chachamim went easy on him ...

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How does one have Seudah Shlishit when Erev Yom Tov occurs on Shabbat?
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As with any Yom Tov that occurs after Shabbat, the prevalent custom is to wash by lunch. Have a brief meal with just fish. Daven early mincha if possible and then wash again for third meal. At least ...

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