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Shema refers to a prayer, named Shema after its first word. It is traditionally said 3 times a day: in the morning and evening prayers, and before retiring at night. Shema may refer to the first verse…
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Basar b'chalav. The prohibition against eating, cooking, or benefiting from meat and milk together.
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Literally "Germany". Questions about the Jews of all the area that was once medieval Germany, more generally of all Catholic and Protestant (and some Eastern Orthodox) lands, and their laws and custom…
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The 7 Noahide laws that were commanded to non-Jews: no murder, no adultery, no worshipping idols, no cursing God, no stealing, do establish courts of justice, no eating flesh from a live animal.
First of the Patriarchs אברהם
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How or why words are pronounced in certain ways.
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the prayer service and ceremony surrounding communal reading from the Torah scroll
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Relating to Angels in Judaism.
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A scroll of parchment on which is written the Five Books of Moses. Portions from it are read aloud in synagogue at least 4 times a week.
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Sukkot begins on the 15th of Tishrei and lasts for 7 days, plus an additional day (two outside of Israel) of Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. It is the festival of booths ("tabernacles"), one of the thre…
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Something made from one of the five grains, and which has been allowed to rise (leaven). Forbidden to eat or possess during Pesach (Passover).
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measurements relating to the performance of different Mitzvot
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Questions about the understanding and interpreting of the story-like content found in the Talmud and Midrash
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Aramaic prayer for the sanctification of God's name; often recited by mourners
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Questions about places with Jewish connections.
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The different traditions passed down through the generations.
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Questions about the person who leads Jewish prayers when a minyan is present.
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Situations in which a life is threatened; most (though not all), Jewish laws are suspended in order to save a life.
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Questions pertaining to the construction, immersion, and requirements of a mikvah (ritual bath), as well as understanding the requirement of people (ex: ritual purity after menstruation, a convert) an…
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laws and customs pertaining to pregnancy, labor, and childbirth
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Questions about the Hebrew letters, or aleph-bet.
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Ritual hand washing. Required before or after certain actions, e.g before eating bread, after waking up, etc.
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9th of Av; anniversary of the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem; a general day of mourning for historical Jewish tragedies.
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The redemption of the Jewish People from slavery in Egypt; performed by G-d through Moses.
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quorum of 10 free adult Jewish males necessary for certain communal functions often related to prayers.
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questions pertaining to prophets and prophecy
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Questions about the the blessings of thanks recited after eating bread products. Hebrew: Bircat Hamazon. Also known as Grace After Meals.
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A classic work of Jewish Law, compiled and written by R' Yosef Karo.
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The first tractate in the Order of Zeraim, this focuses on blessings and prayers, including: Shema, the Amidah, and blessings on food
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The act, process, or experience of consuming food.
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Questions about armed conflict and armed services.
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Questions about Jewish education, also known as Chinuch.
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The second Jewish King, and the first from the tribe of Yehudah (Judah).
liturgical wording and syntax
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A Jewish prayer shawl. The tallit is worn over one's clothes during the morning prayers (Shacharit). The tallit has special fringes known as tzitzit attached to its four corners.
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the mitzva (command) to count the forty-nine days from Pesach (Passover) to Shavuos (Pentecost)
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