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For questions pertaining to the Mitzvah of Ahavat Hashem, the love of God.
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the love for one's fellow Jews.
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The verses of Proverbs (Mishlei) 31:10-31. Customarily recited by many prior to the Friday night meal.
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Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a famous Jewish physicist who is best known for developing the "theory of relativity" and the "mass–energy equivalence" formula (E = mc2)
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a prayer said at the end of a prayer service, and in the Mussaf of the High Holidays.
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Questions about the Hebrew letters, or aleph-bet.
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a special prayer that we insert into our prayers and grace after meals, to thank God for the miracles of Chanukah and Purim.
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moving to the land of Israel
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a short parable with a moral lesson or religious allegory, called a nimshal.
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Ancient adversary of Israel and enemy of God from the offspring of Edom. They are prophesied to meet eternal ruin and Israel is commanded to erase their memory from beneath the heavens.
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laws of asking a Gentile to do a Melacha on Shabbos/Yomtov
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For questions dealing with people with both male and female organs.
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Questions pertaining to the identity or biology of animals mentioned in Jewish texts literature, or the status of animals in areas of Jewish law, such as diet or damages.