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Shabbat Erev Pesach - Piyyutim for Shabbat HaGadol

According to Rabbi Yehuda Spitz of Ohr Somayach, there is a four way dispute how to go about things in a year like 5781, where Erev Pesach is on Shabbos. Some say the traditional Yotzros as normal (...
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Yotzros for Musaf on Shabbos Shekalim

I heard that there is a Gemorah: If 2 people come together to pay the half Shekel they can give a shekel and they will have to pay a Kalbon (1/48 of a shekel) for a conversion fee I heard a vort in ...
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Marovis on Yom Tov

KAYJ of Jerusalem says them. As does Kehilas Ashkenaz of Bnei Brak. As does KAJ of Beitar. As does the Yekkish minyan in Kiryat Sefer.
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Halachic differences in the Yom Kippur avodah between piyutim

This article (Hebrew) discusses what seems to be a difference of opinion between the various piyyutim, namely whether the various lotteries discussed in Yoma Chapter 2 in fact took place on Yom Kippur,...
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Does anyone know a siddur containing yotzrot (Ashkenaz or Sefard, preferably in print)?

The artscroll siddur contains yotzrot for shabbat shkalim, zachor, parah, hachodesh and hagadol
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Does anyone know a siddur containing yotzrot (Ashkenaz or Sefard, preferably in print)?

Siddur Tefilla Hashalem -- A. Greenwald
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Marovis on Yom Tov

Hendon Adas Yisroel Synagogue says them.
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Yotzros and Musaf for the 4 Parshios

Rabbi Shafran's shule (formerly in Randallstown, MD), a/k/a Adath Yeshurun-Mogen Abraham, a/k/a the Shadover or Shadova Shule, used to say them for the 4 parshiyot and all chagim.
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