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What was the name of Yiftach's (Jephthah's) daughter?

She has no name in the Biblical text, nor (as far as I can tell) in any 'canonical' ancient midrashic or Talmudic texts (see Tamar Kadari's article here). The only pre-modern source to name her is, as ...
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What shevet is Yiftach from? Who are אַנְשֵׁ֣י גִלְעָ֔ד?

On the face of it, Gilad is in the territory of Menashe (Deuteronomy 3:15) and Menashe had a grandson named Gilad (Numbers 26:29). Since Yiftach is described as the son of Gilad (Judges 11:1), it ...
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Did Yiftach's daughter have to comply with his vow?

Midrash Bereshis Rabba 60,3 says clearly that Yiftach's daughter did not need to comply as Yiftach's neder was not valid to bring his daughter as a sacrifice and therefore according to Reish Lakish ...
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Yiftach's bones were scattered

It can be found on hebrewbooks.
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What else could have come out of Yiftach's house?

The implication from the gemarah [Taanit 4a*] and Rashi is that he assumed a kosher animal would come out, and that there was a possibility that a non-kosher animal could have come out as well. יפתח ...
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What was God's involvement in the matter of Jephthah's daughter?

"All the sources" is hard. With the binding of Isaac, it was God doing the commanding. Here it's Jephthah -- who has some serious power issues going on -- opting to put himself into a pickle....
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What shevet is Yiftach from? Who are אַנְשֵׁ֣י גִלְעָ֔ד?

According to סדר הדורות הקצר on p.25 it says that he came from the tribe of Menashe.
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What was the name of Yiftach's (Jephthah's) daughter?

I came across now an interesting suggestion brought in the book "Hidden Women in the Tanach, vol. 3: Daughters" by Miriam Samuel. In footnote 37 on pg. 229 she brings a suggestion by Rivka ...
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Why did Yiftach have to fulfill his oath?

While this is true, Yiftach failed to ask Pinchas (who was the gadol hador) the question as to what to do. He insisted that Pinchas should come to him. Pinchas in his pride, insisted that Yiftach come ...
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