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Were all the Jews enslaved in Egypt?

Although Meir's response is more on the mark in answering your question based on the Midrash itself, another consideration is the Meshech Chochma (Vaera 8) who says ויצום אל בני ישראל ואל פרעה כו'...
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Respect the stranger?

See רבינו בחיי who explains that the Hebrew word for a stranger, "גר," is derived from "גרגיר," which refers to an isolated berry at the far end of a solitary branch, illustrating ...
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Why at first did Hashem tell Moshe to go to Bnei Yisrael and to Pharoh, but later only mention going to Pharoh?

Rash"i on Shemot 4:21 explains that the wonders G-d refers to show to Pharoah are not the same ones that Moshe showed Bnai Yisra'el. Rather, these are the signs mentioned later on in Shemot 7:9.
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