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Tzerei vs. Sh'va vs. Segol

Pronouncing segol as tzeirei/ vice versa: One very drastic example of this is the word אל. With a tzeirei, this means 'Almighty' (depending on translation; but basically usually G-d). With a segol, ...
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Spelling Variances in different Traditions

The linked discussion is discussing spelling, rather than pronunciation. While it is true that the traditional way to pronounce it is Matzoh (mah-tzaw), there is an epidemic of sorts in the US of ...
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Correct pronunciation of the word הרהורים in the Hamapil bracha

The word הרהור (and its plural) are the verbal noun of the verb הרהר, meaning to think, or to ponder. הרהר is in the verb form פיעל, meaning it has two syllables - a chirik under the first (root) ...
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