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Do any commentaries explain the charade that Yosef put the brothers through as done with bad intention?

Radak indeed does. He says that Yosef was trying to cause them emotional anguish without hurting them physically or monetarily (Bereishis 42:9,17;44:1).
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Why weren’t the Egyptians mad that Joseph was favoring his family?

They were not upset at the beginning for two reasons. They all understood that without Joseph's planning, then everyone would have starved to death. Slavery in the ancient world was a common practice ...
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Why weren’t the Egyptians mad that Joseph was favoring his family?

Actually, there is grounds to say that they were indeed annoyed at the situation with the israelites. The Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh does suggests that while Yosef was alive, the israelites lived in peace ...
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if Yosef collected a 20 percent tax on the grain before the famine, what did Yosef later change about Egyptian taxation?

According to the R Avraham ben HaRambam, Yosef indeed wasn't acquiring a new power for Pharaoh, but rather through letting the people live on the land he was making the existing 20% power sufficiently ...
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How did Benjamin know what was going on with Yosef in Egypt

Other than his sale, none of the names suggest more than what happened. And he knew about the sale. Refer to the Midrash Shocher Tov 15:4: לא רגל על לשונו. זה בנימין שהיה יודע במכירתו של יוסף ולא ...
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Is Everything Part of God's Plan?

No it isn't we infer from the popular phrase found throughout Shas הכל בשמיים חוץ מיראת שמיים
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Is Everything Part of God's Plan?

The Chassidic explanation for this is very lucid, and helps us understand the sources. See Tanya Igeret Hakodesh 11 for example. Good = meant to happen. Bad = not meant to happen. This is because ...
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