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Ramban there offers a couple of reasons: Leah's eyes were weak (29:17), so the sun would be harmful to her. Precisely because she was older, so there was more of a concern that the shepherds would take inappropriate liberties with her.


just an answer to number three. The fact that is was Beilas Znus was according the Ohr Hachaim (Breishis 29:23) one of the thing he was upset about. According the both the ohr hachaim and the malbim the only way Yakov could have legally married either sister was with Biah (hence the term ואבוא אליה). The second time Yakov was with Leah when he was aware she ...


See Rabeinu Bachya there who says it hints to resurrection and rejuvenation. ואולם לוז שם העיר לראשונה. המקום שקראו בית אל והוא ירושלים, מה היה הצורך להודיענו שנקרא לוז מתחילה ומה תועלת המגעת אלינו מזה. ויתכן לומר כי בא הכתוב לרמוז לנו בשם הזה כי מזה התחיל העולם להשתכלל ולהתחדש, והנה הוא ראשית הבריאה והחדוש, וע"כ גלה לנו כי שם העיר לראשונה לוז מלשון לוז ...


I think you're missing the key phrase in Seder Olam that makes everything work out: ועבר מת אחר ירידתו של יעקב אבינו לארם נהרים שתי שנים And Ever died after Yaakov's descent to Aram Naharaim [by] two years. Thus, we can construct the following timeline: Ever was 464 when he died As per Bereishis 11:16-17 Ever was 462 when Yaakov left him As per ...

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