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However, afterwards, when the goblet had been discovered in the travel bag of Binyamin, they no longer mentioned the death penalty but offered themselves collectively as slaves to Joseph [Tur HaAroch, Genesis 44:9 - I believe this is in reference to Genesis 44:16] https://www.sefaria.org/Tur_HaAroch%2C_Genesis.44.9?lang=bi ויאמר יהודה מה־נאמר לאדני מה־...


Just came across this today so I figured I better post it... According to Or HaChaim on Genesis 30:2 https://www.sefaria.org/Or_HaChaim_on_Genesis.30.2?lang=bi ויחר אף יעקב Jacob became agitated...[because] ודברי הצדיקים אפילו בסדר זה יעשו רושם the words of the righteous even when okay [conditionally] make an impression. I also found a ...

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