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First of all black matches with everything. Second of all, if you have many kids or siblings it's most natural to get your clothes dirty and black covers most of that up. For some people black is a sign that you are elegant and sophisticated. In extreme communities such as the Lev Tahor Jews, wearing all black is modest. This is not true, wearing bright-...


From @RebbecaBurns answer to this question: Black is always elegant. Always. Simple is best. It is important to remember that the purpose of tznius is not to be ugly or unattractive, but to not stand out or draw attention the eye to one's physique. (This applies to men too.) So a color that is slimming can actually be beneficial for tznius.


Well, for starters black matches with everything so its the easiest color to wear.


No it is not permissible. “Those ladies who wear wigs they think its allowed. They say 'no one said its prohibited.' But we do tell them its assur. Thats what the sages said they banned wigs. The great sages, the vilna gaon, the yaabets, the chatam sofer, maharatz chajes and other gedolim as well the all said its assur. So they say, ‘no so how come this ...

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