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A blue non-wool string is not Tekhelet, much like how margarine isn't butter even though they are quite similar. Usually you can't tie a wool string to a linen garment ("sha'atnez") but here it would be permissible because the command of tzitzit overrides that. However, that only applies during the daytime when tzitzit is obligatory. By rabbinic command we ...


The techales has to be wool, no mater what the material of the rest of the garment. (Yevamos 4b). However, one is not allowed to put woolen techales (or white) strings on a linen garment (Shabbos 25b, and eleswhere). (This is actually midirobanan; midioraisa one does use techales from wool on a linen garment. But there is a concern, that one might be ...

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