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I like to think that I’m Davening for myself and my wife. But you can have in mind whoever you feel a part of when pleading to the King.


Most of them refer to the entirety of the Jewish nation (See Sefer שמונה עשרה המבואר on the first נו in the בקשות [beseeching] section of Shmonah Esrei which is וחננו מאיתך on page 258). For example, in Yom Tov Shemonah Esrei we say (some parts of this we only say at certain times such as when Yom Tov coincides with Friday night or Saturday night) ...


The blessing of wisdom is ambiguos. Likely based on the Talmud (Nidah 70b) from the verse (Mishley 2:6). However, this verse refers to Torah acquisition (Malbim ad. loc., Midrash Tehilim 2:2; Vayikra Rabbah 11:3), and the Torah is ours. Return us to your torah, makes the relationship clear. Forgive us our Father, makes the relationship clear. Our pain, ...

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