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Can someone please translate this commentary by Malbim on Psalm 84:7

On the preceding verses, Malbim has explained that this chapter of Tehillim is in the voice of a Levi who is in exile in Bavel, and who longs desperately to once again return to the Beis Hamikdash and ...
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Who is "TL" translator/commentator of Hovot Halevavot?

The translation comes from, where you can find a glossary of sources: Abbreviations used in this translation: MH - Manoach HeLevavos commentary by Rabbi Manoach Hendel (1540-1611) ...
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What’s up with the translations of Genesis 49:22?

The different translations reflect the ambiguity about what the root of פֹּרָת is. If it is פ.ר.ה. then it has a connotation of fruitage/sprigging. If it is פ.ר.א. then it is a donkey/foal (like ...
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Sefaria and Rabbinic Endorsements

In an article in the Jewish Press, Rabbi Gil Student quotes some (unnamed) roshei yeshiva who "strongly discourage" using Sefaria: I know of roshei yeshiva who recognize that their students ...
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