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Why is this person deserving of death?

Tosfos, Berachos 6b (ד"ה אחורי בית הכנסת) says that מיחזי כשתי רשויות Meaning the guy's making it look like there are two gods of equal power. Avodah Zara is a capital crime, so it seems to fit....
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Why is this person deserving of death?

The Maharsha asks this question, and answers that this is the reason why the Rif changed the girsa from Elyahu to instead refer to a non Jew חלף אליהו וחזייה אידמי ליה כטייעא כו'. ברי"ף ל"ג ...
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Why is it a benefit for Avraham to die before Esav 'breaks bad'?

You’re asking a kasha on a Maaseh :-) Rashi doesn’t spell it out further so we need to conjecture. The Gemara in Brachos seems to conclude that dead people are aware of what’s going on in the world. I’...
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Nothing missing in the world?

I think that שלא חיסר Is that no concepts are missing, meaning everything was included in the creation (even the beis hamikdash, and even tragedies ר"ל.) My humble opinion
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