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Reciting/singing Aḥeinu outside of the formal prayer setting and origin of tune

The song was popularised following its release by Abie Rotenberg. It was composed in 1990 (see here) and first released on his Lev V'nefesh 1 CD. In an interview (linked above) Abie provides more ...
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Kohain First Aliya a Requirement?

Well, let's hear it directly from the Talmud: Mishnah: The following rules were laid down in the interests of peace: A kohen is called up first to read the Torah, and after him a Levite, and then a ...
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What does "shoresh neshama" mean

Refer to the Nefesh HaChaim who explains the "root of the soul" as follows: וכ''ה הענין בג' הבחי' נר''ן של האדם. כי כל בחי' מדבר שבקדושה כלול מעשר בחי' פרטים. שהם הי''ס שלו. והבחי' העליונה ...
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What does "shoresh neshama" mean

It translates as "root of a soul". The soul is divided into 3 parts, nefesh, ruach and neshama, and within each of these are 613 spiritual "limbs" and "tendons". There ...
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