Per letter from Rabbi Hershel Schachter dated 26 Iyar 5780, although the Minhag is only to say it B'Tzibur, it is similar to a Shabbos songs such as Ko Ribon that one may say without a Minyan.


Try https://www.tikkun.io. Full disclosure: I'm the creator of this site. As a software developer and avid Torah reader, I found nothing online that I enjoyed using and that was free. This one will be free forever.


In this past week's GSEM, R' Mantel at KAJ said that Akdamut may be said and that further, one should read the 'Aseret haDibrot in ta'am 'elyon.


I'm not sure if this is helpful since I can't think of sources about the the yad as such. But it does seem to be a long standing principal that removing one's eyes from the words even for a second during a public kriah is an issur because then you are transmitting torah shebitkhav in public from memory and it invalidates the reading. So blocking would be a ...


Each approach is endorsed by a posek. R' Moshe Shternbuch permits giving aliyot to those who will remain more than 6 feet away from the torah and compares it to the (Ashkenazik) permissability to give an aliyah to someone who is blind. Rav Asher Weiss disagrees and feels it is better to give all aliyot to the one reading from the torah. See the full, well ...

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