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What is the source and reason for saying L’Dovid during Elul and most of Tishrei?

This article quotes: ...the Siddur Alyiyat Eliyahu and the Machzor by the same editor, Mikrai Kodesh, in both these siddurim the editor offers the following as the source for l'Dovid: "Sha'...
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Four Gates - ארבעה שערים

Anyhow, I made one בע"ה, at I would love to hear comments and suggestions - web design is not my core skill at all. A few points about ...
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Why is Succos in Tishrei and not in Nissan - less famous answers

There is an idea expressed in many places that Succos occurs in Tishrei as it marks a continuation from the Yomim Noraim. Whereas the High Holy Days mark a period of Teshuva mei'yirah (repentance out ...
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Is there a Hebrew Calendar discussion place?

On you will get much about the math and system behind the Hebrew Calendar among other things. At (in Hebrew), you can view a bunch ...
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What is the source and reason for saying L’Dovid during Elul and most of Tishrei?

Likkutei Mahariach vol III quotes from Siddur R. Shabtai (R. Shabtai of Rașcov) that this psalm contains allusions to the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, as evidenced by the thirteen mentions of the ...
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THE NEW YEAR: Rosh hashanah

Ramban on Exodus 12:2 states: Now the purport of the expression, This month shall be unto you the beginning of months, is that Israel is to count this as the first of the months, and from it they are ...
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Is one forbidden to fast between Yom Kippur and Sukot?

One is allowed to fast at least on the day after Yom Kippur. See O.C. 524 that mentions a custom of some people who fast 2 consecutive days of Yom Kippur, outside of Israel because of safek hayom (...
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Two cycles of moadim

I am not sure if these are the two cycles to which you refer, but Rav Aharon Feldman shared a beautiful thought about the two cycles 1) Pesach, Shavuos, and Sukkos. 2) Rosh Hashona, Yom Kippur, ...
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What is the point of praying if your fate is already decided on Rosh Hashana?

My rabbi when asked this question used to give a parable if a large company eg. Amazon. Yomim noraim is like when they send the products on big lorries to the warehouse. From there you can break it ...
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