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How long is one Fleishig after eating something cooked with meat

There are two relevant debates here. 1) How long must one wait when one is meaty? 2) Do vegetables cooked with meat make you meaty? For 1, generally speaking the Spanish Rishonim held you have to wait ...
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Using a predated ketubah at a wedding ceremony

R David Brofsky, an Israeli dayan, writes the following regarding your question One should write the actual date of the wedding on the ketuba. If the ketuba was written and dated before the day of ...
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Volunteering to weed an academic free library: A mitzvah, or a waste of time?

Weeding the library would be an excellent opportunity to remove anti Zionist, anti semitic, queer, and other objectionable material. But if you're not going for that angle, Weeding it exceptionally ...
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Rishonim/Achronim time period differentiation

This is a great question that is hard to answer succinctly; just about every statement below needs to be challenged, circumscribed, and/or clarified more. But I will do my best to cite some of the &...
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Rishonim/Achronim time period differentiation

The Chida (Eruvin 21b) writes: אפשר לפרש דהא דכתיב ולהג הרבה חוץ מדרשא דבסמו' הוא טעם שני למה לא נכתבו דעל ידי שהם בע"פ וצריכי רבנן למגריסינהו תדיר ולא פסיק זה גורם להתקדש ולהשתעבד שעבודא ...
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Rishonim/Achronim time period differentiation

RISHONIM In Seder HaDoros HaKotzair by Rabbi Shlomo Benizri (starting p.135) he dates the period of Rishonim from 1040-1515 and writes as follows: לאחר שקיעת הגאונים בבבל, גלגלה ההשגחה שגדולי התורה ...
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