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I thought of the Masechtot Ketanot as Meir mentioned. Or, this could refer to the many Masechtot that have no Gemarah. On the simplest level, there is always something new to learn even from a mesechta that you already completed. Each day you learn Torah should be considered as if you first learned it that day.


The OP ask for a source, and the Sefer Hyashar doesn't give any allusion. Since, it's probable that no answer would be sure at 100%. I know a Gemara Maybe in Yoma 38b very close to the issue. (אמר) ר' חייא בר אבא אמר ר' יוחנן כיון שיצאו רוב שנותיו של אדם ולא חטא שוב אינו חוטא שנאמר רגלי חסידיו ישמור דבי ר' שילא אמרי כיון שבאה לידו דבר עבירה פעם ראשונה ...

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