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The Gemarah in Chullin 109 writes for everything that is prohibited there is a thing which is kosher and is the same.The gemara brings the שיבוטא which is a kosher fish head which tastes like pig.So from this gemara it is permitted,l.The Chida also permits this based on this gemara.


Pork is not kosher, the taste of pork is not non-kosher. Only the animal itself is. The Midrash Tanchuma speaks of fish called the Shibuta which has the same taste as pork. For each thing that was prohibited, the Lord permitted something else instead. Since He prohibited the flesh of the swine, which is considered so fine, a substitute for it was created:...


If someone is guarding a field with multiple types of produce, but is only doing it for one of the types, the other type is obligated in ma'aser and forbidden to be stolen only if the owner cares about them. The Gemara also applies this to chametz, which must be nullified if you care about them, meaning that crumbs you don't care about don't have to be ...


The soap in your work is probably not strong enough to be Pogem. See Eli Gerstner's article titled "Kashering with Sha’Ar mashkim" (page 5 of the pdf): The Orchas Chaim says that water mixed with ash (a form of caustic) is also considered sha’ar mashkim. This mixture has the added advan- tage that it is pogem all the bliyos that it is maflit (Shulchan ...


The halacha is its better to use olive oil (see רמ''א שו''ע או''ח ס' תרעג) because menorah is a zecher for bais hamikdash. in the bais hamikdash they used only the first drop because it was the highest quality and best tasting. It would than be sensible to conclude that for the same reason we should use the best quality/tasting oil. see לבוש תרע''ג

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